Concave Brand Tracking ranks the top 10 brands by advertisisng value in the Netflix’s new film EXTRACTION, starring Chris Hemsworth. 
7th May 2020 
Concave Brand Tracking combed through Netflix’s latest action hit, EXTRACTION (2020), recording every recognizable branded product. We found nearly 50 different brands in the Chris Hemsworth flick, in the form of 18 different types of products. They ranged from soft drinks (Frooti) to medication (OxyContin). 
Concave has developed its own in-house model regarding the audience of Netflix films and shows. Using this, we estimate the 58 million viewers saw the film in the first 10 days since its release. This is also in line with Netflix’s announcement that EXTRACTION is on track to be viewed by 90 million people in its first four weeks. 
Taking into account this audience and Concave’s analysis of how long the brands were on screen and the quality of their exposure, we value the total product placement value EXTRACTION generated for brands at 21 million dollars in its first 10 days. 
Now, let’s take a look at the 10 look visible brands: 

#10 Leupold (binoculars) 

The main villain (played by Priyanshu Painyuli) uses a pair of Leupold binoculars in the final act. The brand gets 30 seconds of screen time with its logo visible for much of it. 

#9 Matsuda (sunglasses) 

In the early scenes of the movie, Chris Hemsworth wears a pair of gold-framed sunglasses. Our friends at SunglassesID identified them as Matsuda M3050. 
While not a common brand of eyewear in film, Matsuda has also appeared in IRON MAN 3 (2013) and BABY DRIVER (2017). 

#8 Nissan (cars) 

Nissan appeared throughout EXTRACTION both as background cars and police trucks. While nearly 30 brands of cars appeared in the film, Nissan is on this list due to the frequency of its appearances and the visibility of its logo. 
Nissan was the 100th most visible brand in 2019 movies. It appeared in 30 movies, most notably in STUBER. 

#7 Dell (laptops) 

Dell only had 36 seconds of screen time in EXTRACTION, but most of it was in close-ups with its logo very visible. It was used in the control room of the mercenary crew. The portrayal associated it with technology as well as paramilitary and professional use. 
Dell was the 9th most prominent brand in 2019 movies and has consistently been among the most visible brands in film and TV for years. In 2019 alone it featured in many blockbusters including HOBBS & SHAW, LONG SHOT, GODZILLA: KING OF MONSTERS, MEN IN BLACK INTERNATIONAL and AVENGERS: ENDGAME. 

#6 Eurocopter (helicopters) 

Eurocopter (now Airbus Helicopters) appeared in the beginning as an EC135 used by Golshifteh Farahani (as Nik Khan) and at the end with an EC120 Colibri as the rescue aircraft. 
Eurocopter has appeared in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE (2018), BATMAN V SUPERMAN (2016), CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR (2016) and many other action movies. 

#5 Tata (cars & buses) 

The Indian auto brand appeared in the background of some scene but most notably as the two buses used by Chris Hemsworth and Randeep Hooda (as Saju). Tata got nearly a minute of screen time and had its logo visible for about half of it. 

#4 Mercedes-Benz (cars) 

Mercedes-Benz cars are shown in the beginning of the film as luxury vehicles used to chauffeur around the children of India’s elites. 
Later on, an S-Klasse is seen as part of the main villain’s convoy and Chris Hemsworth drives a dusty 2004 E-Klasse in one of the main car chases of the movie. Overall, Mercedes-Benz gets over two minutes of screen time. 
Mercedes-Benz was the 17th most visible brand in 2019 movies. It appeared in such films as PARASITE, THE HUSTLE and JOHN WICK 3. 

#3 Google (phones) 

Google Pixel phones are used by both Rudhraksh Jaiswal (as Ovi Mahnajan) and Chris Hemsworth. The former uses his to text his friend on WhatsApp while the latter uses it for phones call and to make videos. 
Google was the 27th most prominent brand in 2019 movies. While it mostly appeared in the form of its search engine, its biggest appearance was in AVENGERS: ENDGAME, also as phones. 

#2 Casio (watches) 

Throughout most of the movie, Chris Hemsworth wears as large green Casio G-Shock watch (check out for full details). The main antagonist also wears a black and red G-Shock for much of the film. 
Wit two of these main characters wearing Casio, it is unsurprising that the brand gets almost 11 minutes of screen time, far more than any other brand on this list. We do not find Casio at #1 due to it mostly appearing discreetly and the Casio logo never being actually seen. 
This portrayal of Casio highly associated it with action and paramilitary use. This is a very common portrayal and is totally on-brand. In 2019 it was the 71st most visible brand in films with similar appearances as EXTRACTION in DORA AND THE LOST CITY OF GOLD, HELLBOY, GEMINI MAN and ANGEL HAS FALLEN. 

#1 Toyota (cars) 

With over seven minutes of screen time and its logo visible in over 2/3, Toyota was the most visible brand in EXTRACTION. 
According to IMCDB, 19 different models appeared in the movie. Many were just background cars, but most of the police cars were Toyota Corollas. Chris Hemsworth also drove a 2002 Toyota Hilux at the beginning. David Harbour (as Gaspar) drives a 2003 Land Cruiser and Golshifteh Farahani rides to the rescue in a 2015 Toyota Fortuner at the end. 
Toyota was the 19th most visible brand in 2019 films with appearances in HOBBS & SHAW, LAST CHRISTMAS and AVENGERS: ENDGAME. 
It also appeared in 2018’s BLACK PANTHER for what was the 3rd best product placement that year. 
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