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1st May 2019 
Concave Brand Tracking has manually combed through the top 100 movies at the US box office for 2018, recording every brand that appeared or was mentioned. While you can see our overall top 100 list here and a more in-depth look at the overall top 10 most successful brands in 2018 movies here, this article will focus solely on brand mentions. 
Out of the 100 highest grossing movies at the US box office, 58 featured at least one brand mention in the dialogue. Overall, Concave recorded nearly 900 mentions concerning 439 different brands. These ranged from apps to foods and even celebrities, movies and video games. The movie with both the most total mentions (88) and the most brands mentioned (56) was GAME NIGHT. READY PLAYER ONE, SECOND ACT, LOVE, SIMON AND DEADPOOL 2 also had very brand heavy dialogue. 
But now, let’s look at the top 10 most mentioned brands in 2018 movies. They are ranked primarily by how many movies they were mentioned in and secondarily by how many total mentions they had. 

#10 Instagram – 6 mentions, 3 movies 

Instagram was the most mentioned brand in 2017 and one of only three brands to feature on both last year and this year’s list. It was mentioned six times across three movies. Once in MILE 22 and THE 15:17 TO PARIS and four times in TAG. 
“Has anyone seen the bridesmaids’ Instagram stories?… Is there any chance that all these women could post banal minute-by-minute moments from their day, with mind-numbing captions at the same time? Totally. That’s all Instagram is.” – TAG 
“See. Look. That’s Instagram-worthy.” – THE 15:17 TO PARIS 
“All this Snapchattin’, Facebookin’, and bookin’ a face and Instagrammin’, sir. Pick up a goddamn book.” – MILE 22 
In terms of sightings, Instagram also appeared in GOOSEBUMPS 2: HAUNTED HALLOWEEN, RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET, SECOND ACT and other movies. 

#9 Harry Potter – 10 mentions, 3 movies 

Harry Potter was mentioned once DEADPOOL 2, three times in LIFE OF THE PARTY and six times in THE HATE U GIVE, where the books played a part in the plot. 
“You are my sexual Dumbledore, Dumbledore, It’s from Harry Potter” – LIFE OF THE PARTY 
“I think I’m good, Daddy. You the worst person to watch Harry Potter with. The whole time you’re like, “Harry Potter is about the gang theory.”” – THE HATE U GIVE 

#7 (tied) Snapchat – 5 mentions, 4 movies 

Snapchat was mentioned once in NOBODY’S FOOL, MILE 22 and OVERBOARD and twice in TRUTH OR DARE. In nearly all of these mentions, Snapchat is evoked as a form of communication. 
“Is that for your YouTube channel? No, no. YouTube’s for my volunteer stuff and Snapchats are just for fun.” – TRUTH OR DARE 
“No. No. But, I mean…FaceTime? Video chat? Anything? Snapchat? Skype? Enough, okay?” – NOBODY’S FOOL 

#7 (tied) Beyoncé – 5 mentions, 4 movies 

Beyoncé is the only celebrity on this list and only one of 3 brands this year that also featured last year. She was mentioned once in THE HATE U GIVE, THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME and DEADPOOL 2 and twice in LOVE, SIMON. 
“And second of all, I’m looking for some Beyoncé, Oh. I just can’t find “Lemonade.” I love Beyoncé. What makes you guys feel nostalgic?” – LOVE, SIMON 
“So, you’re gonna Taylor Swift this? She doesn’t even rank on the angry girlfriend scale anymore. Nah. I’m gonna Beyoncé his ass. Watch. I really wanna “Elevator Solange” his ass.” – THE HATE U GIVE 

#6 Chevrolet – 9 mentions, 4 movies 

Chevrolet was mentioned once in DEN OF THIEVES and once in THE EQUALIZER 2. In both those cases, characters are merely describing what cars someone is driving. 
However, in GAME NIGHT, where Chevrolet is mentioned four times, a Stingray is the dream car of Jason Bateman’s character. Similarly, in BUMBLEBEE, where Chevrolet is name-dropped three times, both a Corvette and a Camaro are portrayed as aspirational cars. 
“It’s a 1976 rally red Stingray coupe. It was my dream car as a kid” – GAME NIGHT 
“Are you telling me you could have been a Camaro this whole time?” – BUMBLEBEE 
“Eyes on suspects. Black, four-door Suburban!” – DEN OF THIEVES 

#5 YouTube – 9 mentions, 5 movies 

YouTube was mentioned once in OCEAN’S EIGHT, INSTANT FAMILY and PEPPERMINT. It came up twice in a STAR IS BORN as part of Lady Gaga’s characters’ rise to fame and four times in TRUTH OR DARE in the context of a character being a vlogger. 
“What’s up, YouTube? It’s your girl! Check out my new crib. I’m on the co-op board.” – OCEAN’S EIGHT 
“I wish you would have done it for your YouTube channel…Maybe you’re making a new YouTube video on how to lose friends.” – TRUTH OR DARE 
YouTube was also the 66th most prominent brand in 2018 movies when accounting for sightings and mentions. As such, it also appeared I FEEL PRETTY, PEPPERMINT and SLENDER MAN, amongst other movies. 

#4 Apple – 10 mentions, 5 movies 

Apple’s FaceTime app was mentioned in NOBODY’S FOOL and BLOCKERS for a total of 3 mentions. Its Genius Bar came up in DEADPOOL 2. The remaining mentions in SUPER TROOPERS 2 and DEATH WISH were in regards to iPhones. 
These mentions, combined with appearances in 52 movies, contributed to making Apple the biggest product placement brand in 2018 movies. 

#3 Harvard University – 30 mentions, 5 movies 

Harvard was mentioned single time in VICE, twice in MILE 22, five times in SECOND ACT and THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME. All of these mentions portray Harvard as a great school. 
However, Harvard was also mentioned 17 times in the dialogue of ON THE BASIS OF SEX. While it is described as a top-notch law school in the movie, it is also described as struggling with integrating female law students namely Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 
“Together, you will become lawyers. It is a privilege you share. And a responsibility that you accept. Consider: what does it mean to be a Harvard man? A Harvard man is intelligent, of course. But he is also tenacious. He is a leader devoted to the rule of law.” – ON THE BASIS OF SEX 
“Rove made me buy this ranch. He wanted to distance me from my years at Yale and Harvard. Make me more of a man of the people for the election.” – VICE 
“Not even me, and I went to Harvard…Here we go. You went to Harvard. Yes, we all know…I didn’t even mention Harvard” – THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME 

#2 Facebook – 21 mentions, 9 movies 

Facebook was mentioned a single time in LOVE, SIMON, VENOM, MILE 2, and WIDOWS. In the latter two, it is referenced by older characters to mock younger people. It was mentioned twice in THE SPY WHO DUMPED, HEREDITARY and A SIMPLE FAVOUR twice. All these refer to Facebook as a meant to communicate on social media. Finally, Facebook was mentioned seven times in SECOND ACT where Jennifer Lopez uses the site along with other forms of social media to create a false professional and academic identity. 
“Did you create a Facebook page for Maya? And do not lie…Yes…Okay, that was easy…But it wasn’t just Facebook.” – SECOND ACT 
“I thought maybe we could sign up for Grindr together. You don’t know what Grindr is, do you? It’s Facebook for gay people.” – LOVE, SIMON 
“I just found her on Facebook…I just got a Facebook message from Giselle…I’ll check Giselle’s Facebook again” – TRUTH OR DARE 
Between these mentions and appearances in 9 movies, Facebook was the 69th most prominent brand in 2018 movies. 

#1 Google – 16 mentions, 10 movies 

With 16 mentions across ten movies, Google was the most prolifically mentioned brand in 2018 movies. It got a single mention in each of the following movies: SECOND, ACT, THE MULE, VENOM, LOVE, SIMON, THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME and TRUTH OR DARE. 
It as mentioned twice in UNCLE DREW and GAME NIGHT and three times in both BOOK CLUB and LIFE OF THE PARTY. 
The most common association with Google was its search engine capabilities though it also came up in the context of Gmail, its scholarship program and Silicon Valley companies in general. 
“Come on, your godson going to Stanford on a Google scholarship” – SECOND ACT 
“How did you find me?…Google…Google?…Yeah, it’s a service on the computer….Yeah, I know Google.” – BOOK CLUB 
“Well, I went to Gmail, and it pulled up your account. And I, uh, read some of your emails.” – LOVE, SIMON 
With Google also appearing on screen in 13 movies as well, it was overall the 35th biggest product placement brand in 2018 movies. 
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