product placement in season 4 of SUCCESSION – top 10 brands 
Concave recorded every single product placement brand in season four of SUCCESSION and calculated their media value. This article ranks the top 10 brands that got the most exposure. 
So SUCCESSION has concluded, and season four had it all: plot twists, outstanding performances, and a great ending, as well as lots and lots of product placement. 
At Concave Brand Tracking, we scanned the ten episodes from season four, recording every single brand, how long they were on screen, and how prominent they were. Then we factored the global viewership and the cost of advertising to estimate the media value each brand got. 
Overall, we logged over 160 brands in the form of 61 types of products. Collectively, these placements added up to $236M in media exposure for these brands. 
But now, let’s take a look at the biggest product placement winners in season 4 of SUCCESSION: 

#10 Land Rover (6 episodes) – $4.5M in Product Placement Value 

Land Rover appeared in six episodes but got almost half its screen time and value in the final episodes. All three siblings are seen in Land Rover cars when visiting their mother in Barbados. 

#9 Persol (5 episodes) – $4.6M 

Persol was the sunglasses brand of choice of Logan Roy and can also be seen worn by Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy and some other side characters. 

#8 ic! Berlin (7 episodes) – $5.8M 

These are the main pair of glasses worn by J. Smith-Cameron as Gerri Kellerman. The model is Sonja M, and we thank our friends at SUNGLASSES ID for identifying these as well as most of the eyewear in SUCCESSION. 
When not wearing ic! Berlin frame, Gerri usually wears a pair of Prada PR 03WV. 

#7 Cadillac (7 episodes) – $5.9M 

Cadillac Escalades are seen in various episodes as characters are chauffered around. The brand also appears prominently in episode 9 as the vehicle transporting Logan Roy’s coffin. 

#6 Fjällräven (1 episode) – $7.1M 

This is the only single-episode brand of this top 10. Fjällräven was worn extensively by Alexander Skarsgård in episode five. With almost five minutes of screen time and its logo visible for most of it, this integration was worth over $7M. 
Fjällräven was one of many Swedish brands throughout the season that were linked to Skarsgård. Others included Tiger of Sweden, Acne Studios, Apotekarnes, and Ahlgrens Bilar. 

#5 Mercedes (6 episodes) – $9.1M 

Here we have grouped both Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-Maybach. Various models of both brands are seen in episodes 1, 2, 3, 5,9, and 10. 
Mercedes-Maybach was, notably, the last brand on screen in the final episode. 

#4 Dell (7 episodes) – $9.9M 

Dell mostly appeared in Waystar Royco offices in the form of keyboards, monitors, and laptops. 

#3 Samsung (7 episodes) – $10.9M 

Samsung got most of its value from TVs and the phone used by Matthew Macfadyen. Interestingly, his character, Tom Wambsgans, is the only one not to use an iPhone. 

#2 Jacques Marie Mage (6 episodes) – $13.7M 

Jeremy Strong wears both Brion and The Ripley for K.L.R. sunglasses in six episodes of season 4 of SUCCESSION. This added up to over 17 minutes of screen time and was worth nearly 14 million dollars in media value. 

#1 Apple (all 10 episodes) – $60M 

Apple appears in all ten episodes for over an hour of screen time. It appeared in the form of smartwatches, laptops, and tablets, but 87% of its screen time came from iPhones used by almost every character. 
This overwhelming exposure was worth $60M for Apple, or 25% of all the show’s product placement value. 

Below Is A Complete List Of Every Brand That Was In Season 4 Of SUCCESSION. 

f you work for one of those brands, please feel free to contact us at for a complimentary valuation: 
4chan ∙ 7-Eleven ∙ A Clockwork Orange ∙ Absolut Vodka ∙ Accelerator ∙ Acne Studios ∙ Adidas ∙ Advil ∙ Alfa Romeo ∙ Altoids ∙ AOL ∙ Aperol ∙ Apotekarnes ∙ Apple ∙ Audemars Piguet ∙ Audi ∙ Avaya ∙ Bank’s Beer ∙ Bankers Box ∙ Bare ∙ Bay City Rollers ∙ Belvedere ∙ Bic ∙ Bilar ∙ Birch Coffee ∙ Blanton’s ∙ Bloomberg ∙ Blue Moon ∙ BMW ∙ Bombay Sapphire ∙ Branston ∙ Breitling ∙ Brooklyn Brewery ∙ Budweiser ∙ Burberry ∙ Cadbury ∙ Cadillac ∙ Campari ∙ Canon ∙ Carl F. Bucherer ∙ Chargel ∙ Chevrolet ∙ CHI ∙ Cisco ∙ Citi Bike ∙ Coca-Cola ∙ Coors ∙ Coors Banquet ∙ Daimler ∙ Dassault ∙ Dell ∙ Diet Coke ∙ Dodge ∙ Drive ∙ EIRA ∙ Entenmann’s Little Bites ∙ FedEx ∙ Financial Times ∙ Fjällräven ∙ Ford ∙ Goose Island ∙ Grandstream ∙ Gucci ∙ Gulfstream ∙ Hammerhill ∙ Harney & Sons Fine Tea ∙ Harvard University ∙ Hendrick’s ∙ Hennessy ∙ Hill Valley ∙ Hippeas ∙ Hoegaarden ∙ Honda ∙ Hoppy Refresher ∙ Hyundai ∙ ic! Berlin ∙ Ikea ∙ Instagram ∙ IWC ∙ Jackson’s ∙ Jacquart ∙ Jacques Marie Mage ∙ Jaguar ∙ Jaws ∙ Kona Brewery ∙ Lacroix ∙ Lagunitas ∙ Land O’ Frost ∙ Land Rover ∙ Laphroaig ∙ Laurent-Perrier ∙ Lay’s ∙ Lego ∙ Levi’s ∙ LG ∙ Lincoln ∙ Logitech ∙ Mackage ∙ Marula Gin ∙ Mercedes-Benz ∙ Mercedes-Maybach ∙ Michelob Ultra ∙ Michter’s ∙ Microsoft ∙ Miller Lite ∙ Molo Brew ∙ Monster Energy ∙ Moscot ∙ Mott’s ∙ Mountain Dew ∙ NASDAQ ∙ NEC ∙ Nike ∙ Nissan ∙ Oliver Peoples ∙ Open Waters ∙ Perrier ∙ Perrier-Jouët ∙ Persol ∙ Pink Floyd ∙ Piper-Heidsieck ∙ Porsche ∙ Prada ∙ Ray-Ban ∙ Red Bull ∙ Richard Mille ∙ Rolex ∙ Rolls-Royce ∙ Roma Round ∙ Samsung ∙ San Pellegrino ∙ Scooby-Doo ∙ Shake Shack ∙ Sharp ∙ Shock Top ∙ Sikorsky ∙ Skinny Pop ∙ Smithwick’s ∙ Speak & Translate ∙ Sprite ∙ Stella Artois ∙ Subaru ∙ Tabasco ∙ The Economist ∙ Thierry Lasry ∙ Tiger Of Sweden ∙ Tom Ford ∙ Toyota ∙ Twitter ∙ UPS ∙ Utz ∙ Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin ∙ Volkswagen ∙ Voss ∙ Wonder Bread ∙ Xerox ∙ Yamaha ∙ Yealink ∙ Zoom 
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