Concave Brand Tracking looks at all the product placement brands that appeared in season 2 on Amazon’s THE BOYS, including the top 10 most visible ones. 
Amazon’s second season of THE BOYS was packed with product placement brands. Concave Brand Tracking recorded nearly 170 different ones, ranging from cars and electronics to condoms and toys. 99 of these brands appeared on screen and 73 were mentioned in the dialogue, with some featuring in both forms. 
Check out Concave’s video on the product placement brands in S2 of Amazon’s THE BOYS: 
Based on Concave Brand Tracking’s in-house models to value product placement and estimate the audiences of web shows, we have determined that collectively, these brands have received a total of 42.6 million dollars in product placement value to date. 
This factors screen time, product discernibility, logo visibility, mentions, the viewership of the show and the cost of traditional advertising. 
Now, let’s look at the top 10 most visible brands in THE BOYS Season 2, ranked by their total advertising value to date. 

#10 Le Coq Sportif 

The majority of the brands on this top 10 list appeared in the form of clothing worn by the main characters. Le Coq Sportif is the first such brand. It is worn by Tomer Capon (as Frenchie) in the final episode for nearly three and a half minutes of screen time. With the brand’s logo visible for most of this, this placement was worth over $700,000 in product placement advertising value for the French sports brand in the first week since the final episode aired. 
Other brands associated with Frenchie included Grey Goose and Stüssy. 

#9 Adidas 

While A-Train’s entourage wears Adidas clothing, the brand gets the lion’s share of its screen time in the form of sneakers worn by Erin Moriarty (as Starlight). 
Adidas frequently appears on the big and small screen. In 2019, it was the 23rd most visible brand in film

#8 New York Giants 

The character who wore the most different clothing brands was unquestionably Mother’s Milk (played by Laz Alonso). Two of the brands he wore made this top 10 list. The first was the New York Giants. He wore one of their t shirts for nearly three minutes of screen time in episode 4. This has generated $850,000 in exposure for the NFL team to date. 

#7 Dodge 

Beyond clothing, the second most common type of brand in this top 10 is cars. With The Boys’ team vehicle being a 1974 Tradesman van and a handful of other Dodge vehicles appearing throughout the season, the Fiat-Chrysler brand enjoyed over four and a half minutes of screen time. Concave valued this at over a million dollars in product placement advertising value. 
Dodge was the 18th most visible brand in 2019 film. 

#6 New York Knicks 

The second brand on this list worn by Laz Alonso was the New York Knicks. One of their t shirts was worn throughout episode 1. 
Other brands associated with Mother Milk’s character included Public Enemy, Wu-Tang Clan, HP, Chevrolet, BDP, New York Yankees, Dr. Jays, RUB DMC and Purell. 

#5 Journey 

As Hughie Campbell, Jack Quaid also wears an assortment of t shirts. The most visible one, and #5 on this list, is Journey. The 1981 Japan Journey tour t shirt is worn through much of the final two episodes for a total of 1.3 million dollars in advertising value. 

#4 Fresca 

At #4 we find probably the most flagrant product placement of the show. Indeed, while it only received the fourth most advertising value, Fresca stood out due to it being mentioned in the dialogue five different times and shown repeatedly in obvious or close-up shots. 
The five mentions and nearly three minutes of screen time translate to over 1.5 million dollars in product placement advertising value to date. 
Fresca is not a common brand in entertainment but has clearly been making a push in this market recently. In 2019 it appeared in SILICON VALLEY and in 2020 it has also appeared in THE COMEY RULE. 

#3 Volvo 

Another car brand that got substantial screen time was Volvo. In the final episode, Jack Quaid drives a Volvo V70, which ends up getting three minutes of screen time. 

#2 Subaru 

The most visible car brand in season 2 of THE BOYS was Subaru. One of its Forester SUVs was driven by Shantel VanSanten (as Becca Butcher) throughout episodes one, two, four and five. 
This added up to almost four and a half minutes of screen time. To date, this exposure has been worth nearly two million dollars in exposure for Subaru. 

#1 Sony 

Finally, the #1 most visible brand in THE BOYS season 2 was Sony. It achieved this with a diverse line-up of products, which added up to almost ten minutes of screen time. 
Sony appeared in all eight episodes in the form of TVs, monitors, phones, tablets, headphones and camcorders. All in all, the placements were collectively worth 3.8 million dollars for Sony. 
Sony is consistently one of the most visible brands in entertainment. It was the #4 brand in 2019 and 2018 film. 
Here are some other notable brands that appeared in THE BOYS season 2: 
James Taylor is mentioned in the dialogue and Jack Quaid wears one of his t shirts 
Microsoft tablets are used as well as HP, ViewSonic and Dell laptops and monitors 
LG phones are used by many characters, including Billy Butcher (played by Karl Urban) 
Homelander’s son plays with Lego and wears Vans shoes 
Other car brands that appear include Buick, Cadillac, Nissan, Chevrolet, Land Rover, Ford, Maserati and Toyota 
An old Budweiser magazine ad is shown repeatedly as part of the plot 
Tony Cicero’s appears as both a restaurant and take-out food 
Karl Urban wears a Luminox watch and Tom Ford sunglasses 
Hughie Campbell wears Converse shoes and a Casio watch 
Almond Joy (made by Hershey’s) appears in a couple of episodes and is used in the plot 
CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and The New York Times are all mentioned but, interestingly, never appear on screen 
Postmates, Burger King, Dunkin’, Cheetos, Axe, Coca-Cola, Barbie, Cristal, Instagram, Nike, L’Oréal and Papa John’s are all among the 73 brands name-dropped in the dialogue 
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