Concave Brand Tracking looks at the top 10 product placement Brands in 2017 movies. 
Concave Brand Tracking has manually combed through the top 50 movies at the US box office for 2017, recording every Brand that appeared. We also measured how visible the product placements were, how long they were on screen for and how much advertising value they generated, as well as an array of contextual data regarding Brands’ portrayal. 
We recorded almost 600 different Brands across our movie set which added up to over 1,300 movie/Brand associations. Using our in-house model to calculate the advertising value of each Brand’s movie appearance, we determined the 10 most successful product placements of 2017. 

#10 Chrysler in LOGAN – 6.6 million $ 

The final appearance by Hugh Jackman as Wolverine starts off with him driving around a futuristic Chrysler limousine to make ends meet. The vehicle is used throughout the first 1/3 of the movie and, as such, enjoys over 7 minutes of screen time, with its logo clearly visible for much of this. 
Between this strong visibility and LOGAN grossing over 600 million dollars worldwide, this product placement generated over 6.6 million dollars’ worth of advertising value for Chrysler. 
Chrysler was just one of many Brands to appear in LOGAN as it was the 6th most product placement filled movie of 2017. 

#9 Samsung in JUSTICE LEAGUE – 7.2 million $ 

On the heels of Samsung having the most successful product placement of 2016 by appearing in BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, the Brand’s partnership continued with the DC Universe in JUSTICE LEAGUE. 
Indeed, throughout the movie, Samsung appears in the form of TVs (for which Samsung was the overall market leader in 2017 movies), monitors and phones used by various members of the cast. All in all, Samsung has just over 7 minutes of screen time, and with JUSTICE LEAGUE grossing 656 million dollars at the global box office, the Brand got almost 7.2 million dollars of advertising value. 

#8 Under Armour in BAYWATCH – 7.2 million $ 

Following a disappointing 2016 for Under Armour (#42 on this list), the Brand is back in full force in 2017 largely due to two huge appearances on this list. Both occurred through their endorsement deal with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. 
The first product placement by Under Armour on this list was in BAYWATCH. 
While the movie itself only grossed 178 million dollars worldwide (the 2nd lowest for any movie on this list), the sheer amount of Brand visibility enjoyed by Under Armour generated over 7.2 million dollars in advertising value. 
Indeed, most of the life guards in the movie, led by Dwayne Johnson, wore Under Armour gear. As such, the Brand got over 30 minutes of screen time, though its logo was not always visible. 
BAYWATCH accounted for over 1/3 of Under Armour’s total product placement value for 2017, with the majority coming from another movie on this list… 

#7 Plymouth in THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS – 7.8 million $ 

Plymouth is the only Brand on this list to no longer be active, but the first of four Brands from THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS. 
The defunct Chrysler Brand got most of its exposure in the form of a 1972 Road Runner driven by Vin Diesel’s character in the New York sequence of the movie. While this only resulted in about 3 minutes of screen time, the vehicle was shown prominently and its GTX logo was very visible. Between this strong visibility, and THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS making 1.2 billion dollars worldwide, Plymouth got 7.8 million dollars’ worth of exposure. 

#6 Dodge in THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS – 7.8 million $ 

While Dodge’s logo was not shown as much as Plymouth’s, Vin Diesel drove its cars in two different scenes, resulting in almost 5 ½ minutes of screen time. 
This translated to 7.8 million dollars’ worth of advertising value, which accounted for over half of Dodge’s 2017 product placement value and helped make it the 8th biggest movie Brand for the year. 

#5 Under Armour in THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS – 11.5 million $ 

The majority of Under Armour’s 2017 value came from THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS. Worn both by Dwayne Johnson’s character throughout the movie, and his character’s daughter’s soccer team at the start, it got about 6 ½ minutes of screen time. With its good logo visibility and THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS’ box office results, Under Armour’s partnership with the FAST AND FURIOUS generated 11.5 million dollars in product placement value in 2017. 

#4 Lego in THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE – 13 million $ 

While it grossed the least of any movie on this list, THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE should be no surprise on this list given it is a feature-length commercial for Lego. As such, it provided the toy Brand with 13 million dollars of advertising value. 

#3 Chevrolet in THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS – 13.5 million $ 

The most visible Brand in THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS was Chevrolet. According to the Internet Movie Car Database, the GM Brand appeared in the form of 30 different vehicles. They ranged from a 1952 Styleline De Luxe on the street of Havana to modern Suburbans in a government convoy in New York. 
In total, Chevrolet got almost 8 minutes of screen time. Combined with good quality of exposure and THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS’ box office results, this generated 13.5 million dollars in value. 
Chevrolet got nearly half its 2017 value from THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS, with the rest coming from 24 other movies. Overall this made Chevrolet the #2 biggest product placement Brand of 2017. 
With four brands on this list, it should come as no surprise that THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS was the most product placement packed movie of 2017. 

#2 Cutler and Gross in KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE – 26.5 million $ 

Much like in the original KINGSMAN movie in 2015, all the main characters wear Cutler and Gross glasses and sunglasses for most of the movie. Though the Brand’s logo is never visible, the 56 minutes of screen time and the 409 million dollars grossed by the movie combine for 26.5 million dollars in advertising value for the British luxury eyewear Brand. 
Cutler and Gross was just one of many Brands in KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE, making it the 3rd most product placement filled movie of 2017. 

#1 Lego in THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE – 72 million $ 

With THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE doing far better at the box office than THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE, it stands to reason that Lego in this movie be the biggest product placement of the year. In fact, with 72 million dollars in advertising value generated, it is the biggest product placement of all time. The only other Brand/movie partnership coming anywhere close being Lego in the original LEGO MOVIE in 2014. 
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