PITCH PERFECT 2 (2015) joins FIFTY SHADES OF GREY (2015) as an Apple dominated movie 

#2 Apple 

More and more movies these days are dominated by a single electronics Brand which features in the form of phones, computer, laptops and tablets. Samsung recently fulfilled this role in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON (2015), Sony does so in most movies distributed by its sown studio and Apple pretty much invented this type of product placement. 
PITCH PERFECT 2 (2015) joins FIFTY SHADES OF GREY (2015) as an Apple dominated movie. The Brand had over 3 ¾ minutes of screen time in the form of MacBooks, iPhones, iPads and iMacs. These were used by an array of characters ranging from members of The Bellas to competition commentators such as Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins. 
While Apple products are casually used by the main cast for personal phone calls and web browsing, the Brand is also associated with music production and professional broadcasting use. Anna Kendrick’s uses her Apple MacBook for her aspirational music production and every single competition commentator is shown with an Apple laptop in front of them. 
Looking at other movies, we find that PITCH PERFECT (2015) has just a little less Apple visibility than FIFTY SHADES OF GREY (2015) but far more than such films as CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER (2014), TED (2012) or FURIOUS 7 (2015). However, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – GHOST PROTOCOL (2011) and THE FAULT IN OUR STARS (2014) both provided Apple with over twice the exposure found in PITCH PERFECT 2 (2015). 
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