11th June 2023 
Like its predecessors, FAST X is filled with crazy stunts, action, mentions of family, as well as lots and lots of product placement. 
Concave Brand Tracking combed through the latest installment of the FAST saga recording over 120 different brands (including over 30 car brands) that collectively received $146M in advertising value during the film’s theatrical run alone. 
This is more theatrical product placement value than any of the 500+ movies we’ve scanned in the past ten years, with the notable exception of FURIOUS 7. 
In this article, we will look at the top 10 brands in FAST X, but at the end, you can find a complete list of every brand we spotted 

#10 Lamborghini 

Tyrese Gibson (as Roman Pierce) drove a 2003 Lamborghini Gallardo during the Rome sequence. This gave the brand over a minute of high-quality exposure. The brand was also name-dropped twice. 
FAST X was one of Lamborghini’s all-time best placements. Among the few that beat it was its 2017 appearance in THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS. In that film, Roman drove a 2003 Murciélago. Another rare better placement was in Netlifx’s THUNDER FORCE (2021) 

 #9 BMW  

While Lamborghini’s placement was short but high quality, BMW’s was longer – at over three minutes – but lower quality. In the final action sequence, it got most of the exposure in the form of swarms of 5 Series cars driven by the villains. 
Concave has recorded BMW in well over 200 movies, and this one was one of its most valuable appearances. It was, however, more visible in the last three MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE movies with which the brand has a close relationship. 

#8 Versace 

Versace was worn by Brazilian popstar Ludmilla, Helen Mirren, and Jason Momoa. This all added up to almost four minutes of screen time and millions of dollars in exposure. 
This is the most value Versace has ever gotten from a movie in its theatrical run, although it did get more in FATHERHOOD (2021) on Netflix with Lil Rel Howery wearing a pair of their glasses for almost six minutes. 

#7 Dell Technologies 

Dell Technologies appeared in FAST X in the form of both its Dell and Alienware brands. It got a total of six minutes of combined screen time. 
FAST X was one of Dell’s most valuable placements in recent years. But it fell short of FURIOUS 7 (2015) or NO TIME TO DIE (2021). 

#6 Ford 

Ford got most of its screen time from a 1992 Mustang driven by John Cena, a 2005 Mustang in the Rio showdown, and a 1966 Fairline driven by Jason Momoa in the final chase in Portugal. 
This was Ford’s best theatrical placement since FORD V FERRARI. 

#5 Volkswagen 

VW has a significant role in FAST X as a legacy brand from FAST FIVE, with an extended Rio scene from that film being recreated at the beginning of the new film. As such, various Volkswagen cars are once again featured. Then, for consistency, they again use VW cars when a new Rio scene occurs later with the same gang. This resulted in almost four and a half minutes of good-quality exposure. 
FAST X gave VW the most value it has ever received from a theatrical movie. Although BUMBLEBEE came a close second. 

#4 Alfa Romeo 

Sung Kang (as Han) drives a 1971 2000 GT Veloce Alfa Romeo during the Rome sequence. This prominent appearance, plus the fact that most of the police cars involved in the same chase were also Alfas, provided the brand with almost five minutes of combined screen time. 
Alfa Romeo has not appeared in nearly as many movies as other brands on this list. But some of its notable placements have included the Netflix action movies 6 UNDERGROUND (2019) and RED NOTICE (2021) 

#3 Diesel / Off-White 

Although these brands are totally independent of each other, we have grouped them together as they are mostly on screen at the same time for over seven minutes. For most of the movie, Ludacris wears an Off-White jacket while Nathalie Emmanuel wears a Diesel one. 
Off-White is a fairly new brand, and its only major movie appearance was as a t-shirt worn by Mark Wahlberg in 2022’s ME TIME. Diesel has appeared in more films but never had a placement worth over a million dollars. 

#2 Chevrolet 

Chevrolet had three notable cars in FAST X: a 1970 Chevrolet SS in Dom’s garage at the beginning, the 1966 Impala driven by Jason Momoa in Rio, and the 1967 El Camino driven by John Cena in the final chase. 
This all added up to over eight and a half minutes of screen time for the GM brand. This is one of Chevrolet’s most prominent placements, although it got more exposure in THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS (2017) as well as TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON (2011) and TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION (2014). 

#1 Dodge 

Finally, and unsurprisingly, Dodge was the #1 brand in FAST X. The Stellantis brand got more than double the value of any other brand in the film, with over 16 minutes of screen time. 
In the flashback scenes to FAST FIVE (2011), two 2010 Chargers are front and center. Dom’s 1970 Charger also appears at various points in the movie. We see a 2022 Charger Daytona SRT Concept in the early LA scenes, and Vin Diesel drives an SRT Hellcat in the Rome sequence. 
The top six all-time best Dodge product placements are all from the FAST & FURIOUS franchise. But FAST X is by far the best one, thanks to more screen time and better logo visibility. Dodge’s second and third-best placements were in FURIOUS 7(2015) and F9 (2021). 

Other notable placements in FAST X: 

Tinder gets a very visible placement on a Samsung foldable phone early in FAST X. 
Pete Davidson wears A Bathing Ape hoodie. 
Ludacris wears Air Jordan sneakers, while Nathalie Emmanuel wears Converse. Dom also wears Timberland, Little Brian Vans, and John Cena Hoka sandals. 
Brie Larson wears both Alexander McQueen heels and, later, Christian Louboutin sneakers. 
Michelle Rodriguez and Charlize Theron wear Canada Goose winter boots when braving the elements in Antarctica. 
Beyond Corona, other beer brands in FAST X include Budweiser, Estrella Jalisco, Kona, Brahma, Sagres, Skol Lager, and a very visible placement by Stella Artois in Naples. 
An array of racing brands appear, including AC Spark Plugs, Autometer, BFGoodrich, Brembo, Champion Spark Plugs, Continental Tyres, Hoosier Racing Tyres, Hurt, MOMO, NOS, NRG, S1 Sequential, Simpson Racing, Spec, and VP Racing Fuels. 
Little Brian plays a Hot Wheels video game on an Xbox. He also wears a NASCAR Daytona 500 t-shirt for most of the movie. 
Helen Mirren wears Dolce & Gabanna sunglasses, while Jason Momoa wears both Jacques Marie Mage and Versace eyewear. 
Among the swarm of BMW 5 series driven by the villains at the end, we also spot Minis, Mitsubishis, and Toyota SUVs. 
John Cena uses small Smirnoff bottles on the plane to power his jet-propelled glider. 


76 ∙ A Bathing Ape ∙ A. Lange & Söhne ∙ A1 ∙ AC Spark Plugs ∙ Adidas ∙ Air Jordan ∙ Airbus ∙ Alexander McQueen ∙ Alfa Romeo ∙ Alienware ∙ AND1 ∙ Apple ∙ Audi ∙ Autometer ∙ BFGoodrich ∙ Blackhawk ∙ BMW ∙ Brahma ∙ Brembo ∙ Budweiser ∙ Cadbury ∙ Cadillac ∙ Canada Goose ∙ Capri Sun ∙ Champion Spark Plugs ∙ Chevrolet ∙ Chevron ∙ Christian Louboutin ∙ Citroën ∙ Coca-Cola ∙ Continental Tyres ∙ Converse ∙ Corona ∙ Crucials ∙ Datsun ∙ Daytona 500 ∙ Dell ∙ DeLorean Motor Company ∙ Diesel ∙ Dodge ∙ Dolce & Gabbana ∙ Estrella Jalisco ∙ Fanta ∙ Fiat ∙ Ford ∙ Frank’s RedHot ∙ French’s ∙ Gucci ∙ Harley-Davidson ∙ Hayabusa ∙ HOKA ∙ Honda ∙ Hoosier Racing Tyre ∙ Hot Wheels ∙ HP ∙ Hugerock ∙ Hummer ∙ Hurst ∙ Hyundai ∙ IWC ∙ Jacques Marie Mage ∙ Jaguar ∙ JCB ∙ Jeep ∙ Just Juice ∙ Kenworth ∙ Kona Brewery ∙ Lamborghini ∙ Land Rover ∙ LG ∙ Los Angeles Dodgers ∙ Maynards Bassett’s ∙ McLaren ∙ Mercury ∙ Mini ∙ Minions ∙ Mitsubishi ∙ MOMO ∙ Motorola ∙ NBC ∙ Nissan ∙ Nos ∙ NRG ∙ Off-White ∙ One Pound Sweets ∙ Opel ∙ Orbit ∙ Pagani ∙ Panerai ∙ Peterbilt ∙ Peugeot ∙ Porsche ∙ Puma ∙ Ram ∙ Razer ∙ Renault ∙ Richard Mille ∙ Rio ∙ Royal Enfield ∙ S1 Sequential ∙ Sagres ∙ Salmoiraghi & Viganò ∙ Samsung ∙ San Pellegrino ∙ Scott ∙ SHAQ ∙ Simpson Racing ∙ Skol Lager ∙ Smirnoff ∙ Spec ∙ Stella Artois ∙ Subaru ∙ Timberland ∙ Tinder ∙ Toshiba ∙ Toyota ∙ Under Armour ∙ Vans ∙ Versace ∙ Volkswagen ∙ VP Racing Fuels ∙ Walkers ∙ Xbox 

If you would like to know more about our methodology, data or services, please contact us at info@concavebt.com. 

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