1st October 2021 
NO TIME TO DIE send off Daniel Craig’s Bond with action, romance, gadgets, as well as lots and lots of brands! Much like every other entry in the Bond franchise, #25 features product placement ranging from cars and motorcycles to laptops and sunglasses. 
Concave Brand Tracking attended one of the first screenings of NO TIME TO DIE in London to record all the brands it featured, how much screen time they received, and how visible they were. This allowed us to compare Bond 25 to other films in terms of total brand exposure and determine the most visible. 
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NO TIME TO DIE vs. the other Daniel Craig Bond films 

NO TIME TO DIE is the second most brand-filled Bond movie starring Daniel Craig. QUANTUM OF SOLACE (2006) and CASINO ROYALE (2006) both had less than 40% as much brand exposure as NO TIME TO DIE. SKYFALL (2012) only had 35% less while SPECTRE (2015) had 23% more. 
As the chart above shows, SPECTRE (2015) led all films in terms of total brand screen time but had the lowest quality of exposure (Qexp). NO TIME TO DIE balanced an average Qexp with the second most brand screen time. 
Interestingly, NO TIME TO DIE featured the smallest number of different brands. However, given that it had the second most exposure, the featured brands got more value on average. 
All Bond films have generated tens of million dollars in total product placement value from their theatrical runs alone. Given the anticipation, buzz and early positive reviews, NO TIME TO DIE will undoubtedly do the same. 
But now, let’s take a look at the 10 biggest best brand winners in NO TIME TO DIE as well as their overall role in the Craig chapter of Bond history. 

#10 Triumph Motorcycles 

Triumph motorcycles feature in two different action scenes. The first takes place in the first chase in Matera, Italy, and see Bond ride one of the Triumph Scramblers himself. The second is about 2/3 way through the film in Norway. 
Despite being a traditional British brand, Triumph has actually never before featured in a Daniel Craig Bond film. A 1966 T 100 Triumph motorcycle featured in the 1971 Bond DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, starring Sean Connery. But technically, that iteration of the brand (Triumph Engineering) went defunct in 1983 when the present brand (Triumph Motorcycles) was founded. 
Outside of Bond though, Triumph has made many high-profile appearances on the silver screen. Some of its biggest have included MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE II (2000), JURASSIC WORLD (2015), and HOBBS & SHAW(2019). Thanks to the latter, Triumph was the 24th most visible brand in 2019 films. 

#9 LG monitors 

One of the most significant shifts in the Craig era of Bond movies has been the use of computer technology. Much more of the plots have relied on hacking, data analysis and the internet. As such, many electronics brands have gained exposure in the franchise. The first such brand on this list is LG. Two of its monitor received over a minute of screen time in Q’s home, with much of its coming in the form of close-ups in which the LG logo was visible. This is the highest level of visibility a brand can ask for from a placement. 
LG is another newcomer to the Craid Bond chapter but it is no stranger to Hollywood. It was the 40th most visible brand in 2020 when it appeared in THE GENTLEMEN (2020), PROJECT POWER (2020), and #42 in 2019 when it featured in PARASITE. 
LG has also appeared in TV shows like THE BOYS, SPACE FORCE, and HOUSE OF CARDS. 

#8 David Clark headset 

Q wears a David Clark headset during the final showdown. He uses it to communicate with Bond during his mission. 
David Clark is another new brand to appear in a Bond film alongside Daniel Craig but is a regular brand in entertainment. It had made Concave’s top 100 brands list in 2020, 2018 and 2016 and was in seven of the 50 most-watched movies of 2020. These included FANTASY ISLAND, GREENLAND and UNDERWATER. 

#7 Omega watches 

At #7, we find the first brand that is an intrinsic part of the fabric of Jame Bond. And while Bond has not always worn Omega, Craig iteration has in every Bond film he’s been in. 
In NO TIME TO DIE, he wears an array of Omega models such as a Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M Master Co-Axial in the Matera scenes and the Seamster 300M in the final act. Omega is also worn by supporting actors such as Lashana Lynch (as Nomi) and Jeffrey Wright (as Felix). Overall this added up to over five minutes of screen time for Omega, more than any other Craig Bond movie, except SPECTRE (2015). 
Outside of Bond, Omega has also appeared in such films as FIFTY SHADES OF GREY (2015), LA LA LAND (2016), DUNKIRK (2017) and FIRST MAN (2018). 

#6 Toyota SUV 

While not a part of Bond lore like other brands on this list, Toyota has appeared in all five Daniel Craig Bond movies, albeit not always very visibly. 
NO TIME TO DIE is, however, by far Toyota’s most visible appearance in this chapter of the franchise. James Bond drives 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser in the Norway forest chase about 2/3 through the movie. The brand gets over a minute and a half of highly visible exposure. 
Toyota is one of the most commonly seen brands in film and TV. In 2020, it was the fifth most visible brand in film. This was thanks to appearances in such movies as EXTRACTION, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG and SPENSER CONFIDENTIAL. 

#5 Microsoft electronics 

Microsoft is another newcomer tech brand to the Bond franchise. It appears in the form of Surface computers at MI6 and a Dell / Microsoft laptop used by Q. The latter gets a number of close-up shots which include the Microsoft logo. Overall, Microsoft has over two and half minutes of screen time in NO TIME TO DIE. 

#4 Moscot glasses 

Throughout his appearance in NO TIME TO DIE, Ben Whishaw wears Moscot Mensch glasses, according to Bond Lifestyle. Moscot is another newcomer to the world of Bond, with Wishaw previously wearing Univo glasses in SPECTRE (2015)and SKYFALL (2012). 
Moscot has been worn by a good number of stars elsewhere in entertainment. Jeremy Irons wears their eyewear in both versions of JUSTICE LEAGUE. Jeffrey Wright wore Moscot in the HUNGER GAME movies and Bradley Whitford wore them in GET OUT (2017). 

#3 Land Rover SUVs 

In NO TIME TO DIE, Land Rover is the villains’ go-to car, alongside Triumph motorcycles, in two of the main car chases. As such, it got almost four minutes of screen time. 
While Land Rover might not be as connected to James Bond as other brands on this list, the SUV manufacturer has appeared in all five Daniel Craig movies. It most notably earned five million dollars and six million dollars of exposure during the theatrical runs of SPECTRE (2015) and SKYFALL (2012), respectively. With Land Rover getting a similar amount of exposure in NO TIME TO DIE, it can be expected to get that sort of value again, assuming the film does similar numbers at the box office as its two predecessors. 
Land Rover is one of just 17 brands to have consistently featured in Concave’s top 100 brands in film list since we started keeping records. It was most recently #25 in 2020 thanks to placements in THE GENTLEMEN, TENET, and THE HOLIDATE. 

#2 Dell Technology electronics 

The top technology brand in NO TIME TO DIE, and another newcomer to Craig’s world of Bond is Dell. Despite being one on the top brands in entertainment year in and year out, Dell had never appeared in a Bond movie before. 
In NO TIME TO DIE, Dell features in the form of monitors at MI6, in the villains lab and in Q’s control room at the end of the film. Q also uses a Dell / Microsoft laptop which gets many close-up shots and an Alienware (a Dell subsidiary) laptop later on. 
Dell was #3 on Concave’s list in 2020 with appearances in SPENSER CONFIDENTIAL, THE WRONG MISSY, UNDERWATER, THE MIDNIGHT SKY, and THE INVISIBLE MAN. 
It has also appeared in many TV shows, including NCIS, BILLIONS, FBI, KILLING EVE and OZARK. 

#1 Aston Martin cars 

It seems fitting that the most visible brand in Craig’s final bond be the one he is most associated with: Aston Martin. 
While Aston Martin’s link with Bond goes back to Sean Connery’s 1964 GOLDFINGER, it has not consistently appeared in all subsequent Bonds films. Indeed NO TIME TO DIE marks only the 12th appearance by the brand out of the 25 films. 
But clearly, producers decided that Craig’s Bond would have a special relationship with Aston Martin. The brand has appeared in all five of his films, with its role growing over time. Aston Martin only had around a minute of screen time in CASINO ROYALE (2006) and QUANTUM OF SOLACE (2008), but almost four in SPECTRE (2015) in which it was also the #1 brand. 
In NO TIME TO DIE, at least five different Aston Martin models appear for a total of nearly five minutes of screen time. While they are driven mainly by Daniel Craig, we also see Léa Seydoux and Lashana Lynch behind the wheel of them too. With more exposure in this film than any of its precursors, Aston Martin could be looking at NO TIME TO DIE being its all time best product placement! 
Currently, four of Aston Martin’s five best placement of all time are Bond films. The only outlier is FURIOUS 7 (2015). Other movies in which the brand has appeared have included FAST & FURIOUS 6 (2013), THE OTHER WOMAN (2014), SPY (2015), and BATMAN V SUPERMAN (2016). 
Aston Martin has also appeared in many TV shows such as RAY DONOVAN, ENTOURAGE, BALLERS, BILLIONS and TED LASSO. In all those appearances, it is used to show the wealth of its owners. 
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