As The Chainsmokers’ first single #SELFIE begins to gain radio traction we take a look at their music video. As with most videos focused on user-generated content a lot of brand make subtle appearances but none more than mobile phones. 
As The Chainsmokers’ first single #SELFIE begins to gain radio traction and, we take a look at their video. As with most music videos focused on user-generated content, a lot of Branded products make subtle appearances but none more than mobile phones. This is no surprise as most of the photos show people taking selfies on said mobile phones, however what is interesting is their Brands. 
Over 20 different recognizable mobile phones are seen in the video clips and photos used in the music video but only two were not Apple. Whilst many of them were in cases, the camera positions and shape of the phones clearly indicated they were Apple iPhones event though the actual logo was visible on approximately half of them. Who were the exceptions to the Apple dominance? Two young guys who sent in their selfie featuring Samsung phones, one of which we can see the logos for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as well as Verizon. 
Whilst this may seem obvious to those who see iPhones in the hands of all their friends, put into context, this video portrays roughly a 90% + market share for Apple in the mobile phone market whereas in reality their market share is currently just over 40%. So what does this mean? It means that amongst young, partying, social-media-using americans, Apple remains the Brand of choice whilst Samsung is the vastly dominated but still present competitor. Nokia, Sony, HTC and Blackberry are nowhere to be seen. 
In terms of what mobile phones are most seen in music videos, #SELFIE follows current trends, as Apple represents 85% of all mobile phone sightings in 2013 Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles’ music videos. See more stats below: 
Whilst Apple clearly dominates mobile sightings in music videos in terms of frequency, it is worth noting that their logo is not seen most of the time (see above). This indicates organic presence, in other words not product placement. Nokia and Sony, however, benefit from very high visibility due to their presence being achieved through product placement. Examples below include Nokia’s sighting in ROAR by Katy Perry and Sony’s appearance in WAKE ME UP by Avicii . 
To see more examples of mobile phones appearing in music videos check out our Pinterest board: 
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