Concave Brand Tracking takes a deeper look at the top 10 brands in 2020 movies, ranked by the product placement value they received. 
Concave Brand Tracking has manually combed through the 50 most viewed movies in 2020 (accounting for both theatrical and non theatrical views), recording every brand that appeared or was mentioned. We also measured how visible the product placements were, how long they were on screen for, and how much advertising value they generated. 
Using an in-house model which factors mentions, screen time, product discernibility, logo/name visibility and global viewership, Concave Brand Tracking has determined the total global value each brand got from its 2020 movie product placements. 
We recorded over 250 different types of products from nearly 1000 brands. The following is an in-depth look at the top 10 brands, ranked by their total advertising value. 

#10 Members Only 

The first brand on this top 10 is an example of one that starred in single movie but for whom that was enough to benefit from millions of dollars in advertising value. Chris Pine wore a Members Only jacket for over 10 minutes of screen time in WONDER WOMAN 1984 and it was the most visible brand in that movie. With the film being seen by an estimated 122 million viewers as of February 2020, this placement worth over 12 million dollars for the retro 80s brand. Beyond making Members Only the 10th most visible brand in 2020 movies, this appearance in WONDER WOMAN 1984 was also the 2nd most successful single film placement of the year! 
Members Only was very proud of the appearance of its jacket in Wonder Woman 1984 and touted it on their website. 
Although Members Only has never appeared on our top 100 list, it has featured in such films as JUST MERCY (2019), SOUTHPAW (2015), THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS (2006) and the SHOWTIME series RAY DONOVAN. 
Members Only was far from the only brand in WONDER WOMAN 1984, with brands varying from Mercedes and Rolex to Commodore and JC Penney all getting a share of the film’s nearly 60 minutes of brand screen time. The quantity of brand and the film’s success made it the 4th biggest film for product placement in 2020. 

#9 Ray-Ban 

Luxottica’s flagship eyewear brand is part of the elite club of 17 brands that have appeared in Concave Brand Tracking’s top 100 list since it was first published four years ago. 2020 also marks its return to the top 10 for the first time since 2016, having been #21 in 2019 and #23 in both 2018 and 2017. 
While Ray-Ban appeared in eight different 2020 films, it got the lion’s share of its value from being worn by Hugh Grant in THE GENTLEMEN for almost 15 minutes of screen time. This single placement was worth nearly 12 million dollars and was the 5th most valuable product placement of 2020. 
It also joins the ranks of Ray-Ban’s all-time best integration to date alongside FORD V FERRARI (2019), X-MEN: APOCALYPSE (2016) and NEIGHBORS (2014). 

#8 Lonsdale 

Here we find another single-movie entry, the British sporting brand Lonsdale. It was worn by an array of characters in THE GENTLEMEN, including Colin Farrell. This resulted in over 16 minutes of screen time with its logo visible in 84% of it. With THE GENTLEMEN having been seen by over 58 million viewers worldwide between its theatrical and post-theatrical runs, this placement has been worth 16.5 million dollars to date. 
Lonsdale was clearly heavily involved with this placement as the tracksuits worn in THE GENTLEMEN were seemingly designed for the film and have been sold as “Gentlemen” tracksuits on their website. 
THE GENTLEMEN has generated 60 million dollars in product placement value for nearly 70 different brands, making it the 3rd biggest film for brands in 2020. 
Lonsdale is not a common brand in film, but over the years it has appeared in such films as FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY (2019), KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE (2014) and THE ITALIAN JOB (2003). 

#7 Mercedes-Benz 

The German car manufacturer is another brand to be included in our top 100 list every year. Although 2020 marks its return to the top 10 for the first time since 2017, having just missed out in 2019 (#17) and 2018 (#11). 
Mercedes-Benz appeared in 21 films in 2020, with its most valuables ones being TENET, WONDER WOMAN 1984, EXTRACTION and MY SPY. 
While it is the 7th brand overall, it is also the 4th biggest car brand in 2020 film, ahead of many of its main competitors, including BMW (#12), Audi (#18), Porsche (#19) and Volkswagen (#20). 
Some of Mercedes’ best movie placements over the years have included THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS (2017), JURASSIC WORLD (2015), and THE HANGOVER (2009). 

#6 Nike 

Since first appearing on our top 100 list at #63 in 2016, Nike has been on a clear upwards trajectory as their foothold in popular culture grows and the brand’s interest in product placement grows. It shot up to #19 in 2017 before cracking the top 10 in 2018. At #6 in 2020, we find it has had its best year to date. 
Nike appeared in 18 2020 films, with none accounting for more than 26% of its overall value. This means that rather than being on this list because of a one-hit placement, it is here because it consistently scored millions of dollars in value in an array of movies. These included THE OLD GUARD, WONDER WOMAN 1984, SPENSER CONFIDENTIAL, THE INVISIBLE MAN and PROJECT POWER and EUROVISION SONG CONTEST. 
While Nike was associated with sports in such films as SPENSER CONFIDENTIAL (boxing) and MY SPY (running) it was primarily shown as a fashion brand. 

#5 Toyota 

While Toyota has also appeared on our top 100 list every year, it peaked in 2018 at #8 thanks largely to its unmissable appearance in BLACK PANTHER alongside its luxury subsidiary, Lexus. We find it at #5 this year, once again in large part thanks to a considerable appearance in a very successful movie: EXTRACTION. 
Toyota was the #1 most visible brand in the Netflix movie EXTRACTION and this partnership was also the 3rdmost successful placement of 2020, being worth over 12 million dollars to date. 
Other 2020 movies that featured Toyota extensively included SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, BORAT SUBSEQUENT MOVIEFILM and SPENSER CONFIDENTIAL. 

#4 Chevrolet 

While many brands in this top 10 have consistently ranked in Concave top 100 list, none so far have always made the top 10, until Chevrolet. Since starting out at #5 in 2016, Chevrolet has never been lower and peaked at #2 in 2017. We find it at a strong #4 in 2020, having appeared in 42% of movies we analysed. 
Its biggest movie was SPENSER CONFIDENTIAL which generated nearly 8 million dollars for the GM brand. Despite this partnership being the 9th best single-movie placement of 2020, it is still dwarfed by some of Chevrolet’s historic appearances in the TRANSFORMERS and FAST AND FURIOUS movies. 

#3 Dell 

Dell is another brand that has never ranked outside this top 10, having peaked at #1 in 2016 and was #9 in 2019. 
Dell came in at #3 in 2020 thanks to appearances in 19 movies in the form of laptops, monitors, servers, keyboards, computers and mouses. Its biggest film was BAD BOYS FOR LIFE, which was the 7th best placement of 2020

#2 Ford 

Ford has a blockbuster 2019 leaving all other brands in the dust. It had more value than any other brands last year, even before accounting for its role in FORD V FERRARI, which was the 6th most valuable placement of 2019. 
It falls back down to #2 in 2020, which is still better than 2018 (#3), 2017 (#5) and 2016 (#4) and Ford remains the market leader in cars for the third year running. 
Its best 2020 placement was in SPENSER CONFIDENTIAL which was also the 4th most valuable integration of the year. 
Other notable 2020 movies Ford appeared in included THE DEVIL ALL THE TIME, BAD BOYS FOR LIFE, WONDER WOMAN 1984, PROJECT POWER and SONIC THE HEDGEHOG. 

#1 Apple 

After ceding the top spot to Ford last year, Apple is back to where it was in 2018, #1. It appeared in 30 of the 50 movies Concave Brand Tracking analysed in 2020 and had over an hour of total screen time. 
While it appeared in the form of laptops, tablets, earphones, apps, computers, keyboards, MP3 players and smartwatches, almost ¾ of Apple’s value in 2020 films came in the form of its iPhones. 
As such, it should come as no surprise that Apple was the overwhelming market leader for mobile phones in 2020 films, ahead of Google, Samsung and Sony. 
Market of share of product placement value received by mobile phones in 2020 movies. Apple had 67%, Google and Samsung had 9%, Sony had 7% and Blackberry had 2%. 
Some of Apple’s biggest 2020 movies included THE WRONG MISSY, THE OLD GUARD and THE GENTLEMEN and MY SPY. All of which were among the most product placement-filled films of 2020. 
If you would like to find out more about our methodology, data or services, please contact us at 
disclaimer: Concave Brand Tracking does work with certain brands in this top 10. However, as a market research company, our methodology is entirely objective. We are a 3rd party that provides insights into the presence and portrayal of brands in entertainment. We are not directly involved in our client’s strategic planning or the process of coordinating product placements. 
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