Concave Brand Tracking looks at the top 2017 categories of product placement and the Brand leader for each. 
11th April 2018 
Concave Brand Tracking has manually combed through the top 50 movies at the US box office for 2017, recording every Brand that appeared. We also measured how visible the product placements were, how long they were on screen for and how much advertising value they generated, as well as an array of contextual data regarding Brands’ portrayal. 
Using an in-house model which factors screen time, product discernibility, logo/name visibility and movie ticket sales Concave Brand Tracking has determined the total global value each Brand got from its 2017 movie product placements. 
We recorded around 230 different types of products from almost 600 Brands. Here we look at the 10 most common types of products and the Brands that led each category. 

#10 bags – leader: Jansport 

Bags appeared in various movies that showed schoolchildren including SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING, JUMANJI, IT and TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT. Jansport appeared in all 4 and made up 67% of the category overall. 

#9 laptops – leader: Dell 

Dell led its competitors in terms of laptops, capturing almost 1/3 of the product placement value generated by this type category. Apple, Razer, Getac, Acer and Panasonic followed. 

#8 t shirt – leader: Under Armour 

Many different Brands of t shirts were recorded, but Under Armour led the pack with 44% of the market. 
Other Brands that appeared in the form on t shirts included Metallica, Nike, Duran Duran and Harvard University. 

#7 sunglasses – leader: Cutler and Gross 

Cutler and gross led the sunglasses category. Other sunglasses Brands included Ray-Ban, Randolph Engineering, Gucci, Initium and Sama Syd. 

#6 TVs – leader: Samsung 

Samsung made up about 1/3 of the approximately 16 million dollars of advertising value generated by TV product placement. 
Other major TV Brands in 2017 movies were Sony, Hisense, LeTV and Insignia. 

#5 monitors – leader: Dell 

A dozen Brands of monitors appeared in 2017 movies, but Dell led the category with 37% of its overall value. 
Between its dominance of the laptop and monitor product categories, Dell was the 10th biggest product placement Brand of 2017. 
Asus, Samsung, Sony and others also appeared in 2017 movies in the form of monitors. 

#4 phones – leader: Apple 

Apple dominated the mobile phone category with its iPhones getting 50% of the generated advertising value. This largely contributed to Apple being the #4 product placement Brand if 2017. 
Other phones Brands in 2017 movies included Sony, Samsung and Microsoft. 

#3 glasses – leader: Cutler and Gross 

Glasses Brands received over 30 million dollars of product placement value in 2017 with Cutler and Gross capturing 74% of that with its appearance in KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE. This was the 2nd biggest product placement of 2017 and made Cutler and Gross the #3 Brand in 2017 movies. 
Other glasses Brands in 2017 movies included Moscot, Orgreen, Ray-Ban, Tom Ford and Oliver Peoples. 

#2 toys – leader: Lego 

The toy category was dominated by Lego, with 99.8% of the market share. Lego’s apperances in THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE and THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE were among the biggest product placements of 2017 and made Lego the #1 Brand of the year. 
Other Brands that appeared included Eth A Sketch and Star Wars. 

#1 cars – leader: Chevrolet 

Over 100 different car Brands appeared in 2017 movies. They collectively received almost 200 million dollars of advertising value. Chevrolet led the category with a 15% market share. Chevrolet was also the #2 Brand overall in 2017 movies. 
Ford, Dodge, Mercedes and Chrysler were also among the top car Brands. 
If you would like to find out more about your Brand’s ranking or are simply interested in more information on our methodology, data or services.  
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disclaimer: Concave Brand Tracking does work with certain Brands in this article. However, as a market research company, our methodology is entirely objective. We are a 3rd party that provides insights into the presence and portrayal of Brands in entertainment. We are not directly involved in our client’s strategic planning or the process of coordinating product placements. 
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